Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh molty wool cap!

Of course the only rabbit I entered in the Stockton show tomorrow is going to blow her coat! She started to get soft in the wool around the bottom half of her body, but still looking decent. Yesterday after work I checked on everyone and I have no clue how but she has a nice big hole in her wool cap. There's at least some wool left to swoop forward and hide it a little bit.. but of course this had to happen right? And she was my only hopeful entry for Convention. Saturday after we're done showing I'm going to pluck her all the way out. Hmmm 1 and a half months to grow a new coat of wool. Unlikely, but we'll try!


  1. Happy Birthday Katie!!! Hope you had a great day and a great year to come. Love your posts on FB and Twitter!! Glad you'll be showing rabbits a little more, love seeing you!! oxox marian

  2. Hi Marian! There's no way I could let the bunny bug get out of my system completely. I have to stay in.. it's my passion!! We all go through some difficult times to make us second guess ourselves... but the rabbits are what keep me going. Thank you for your kind comments.... I'm sure I'll see you at Convention! That's my next show :)