Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh beach, where art thou?

Life is so stressful lately. I have so much going on, I feel like I don't know where to even start. I have only thrown 2 clothing items in my suitcase for San Diego. I still have rabbits to groom and check, carriers to clean, feed to buy, etc. etc. ... and more etc. So much to do!! Ahhhhh!!! Convention is a blast, don't get me wrong, but having to be away from everything for a week can be more stressful than it's worth. I'm very happy that this is not my first, so I at least know what to expect and I now know all the tips and tricks to use to make the week more successful, and easier to manage.

I'm REALLY looking forward to a break from life for a week. I just want a beer, beach, and the small of the salty ocean for a few days. Pleaaaaaase.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Google loves us!

Here's an interesting find. I was looking for other rabbitry blogs on google for a list I'm compiling, just typing in the term "rabbitry blog" into the search box. Guess what is the first link to come up as #1? My old rabbitry blog (Starlite)! My new goal is to make this blog #1 in the listings! Don't forget to subscribe and update my new link on your link pages! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lack of pictures

Sorry for the lack of pictures in my blog posts. For those of you who always read my Starlite postings, I almost always had photos involved in every blurb. Unfortunately my digital camera hit the dust (some photos come out with big huge black lines through them). Not sure what is going on. Until I can fix it.. I'm going to buy another one (before Convention hopefully!). I have been borrowing cameras from my sister/mom, so maybe I'll have some photos up shortly in the mean while. When I go to National shows and Conventions I take a million photos that usually takes days to post everything on the blog. So you can all look forward to TONS of photos the beginning of next month. I'll make up for it! ;)

Speaking of which.. I leave for Convention in 19 days!! OMG, so soon! I entered only 3 rabbits in the show (Fuzzy lops: SSD, BSD, and Woolies: 1 Self Jr Buck). The fact it's so soon has only just hit me. Now the excitement can begin!

PS... I have a surprise coming tomorrow! Will post with details once it's here!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hiring a Rabbitry sitter

Leaving the rabbitry for a large length of time requires some planing and mangement. The key success to thie endeavor is a qualified and responsible "sitter". Watching over an entire rabbitry is very different than babysitting a person's one or two house rabbits.

With many peopel gearing up

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's almost time!

Convention entries close in 5 days. YIKES!! I already know of 2 going for sure. A couple are tentative at this point. I need to make a mental note to enter by Thursday, just incase there are computer/system issues in the entry system. With entries at $12 a rabbit I'm not too overly concerned with entering a ton or anything. LOL

I'm so very excited that my dearest friend Kristen (aka Keep), from Keep's Rabbitry (and hubby Tim!) will be coming all the way to California for Convention. I have to give her props for being so spontaneous. She's like me and has to plan everything out wayyyy in advance LOL. They are still finalizing plans on hotel, plane tickets, shipping the bunnies, etc. but I can't wait to have the chance to hang with them!

Convention also offers me the chance to get a rabbit back that I sold way across the country a year ago. It's available now and was offered back to me first. Oh I am so excited to get that bunny back. I'll share once I get back from Convention. Hehe.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Unusual Convention Tips

With Convention exactly a month away, I figured it was time to share some off the beaten path Convention tips. You can easily find the regular tips on how to survive, but what about the little unknown tips? Last year in Kentucky was my first and I definitely learned a lot!

  • Securely lock your rabbit coops. I don't use actual locks. They are a safety hazard, and with my klutz luck, I would lose the key. I use lots of zip ties. There's a trick to know if someone has been messing with yours... I bring a sharpie and put specific line marks on them. That way I can tell if they have been moved, shifted, cut, or otherwise tampered with before I can cut them each day.
  • Take a trip outside of the show room. I know many people say they don't have time to do other activities in the area that are "touristy", but these type of National shows bring us all across the country. Enjoy time to relax and get out of the rabbit scene for a short time. Your mind and your lungs will appreciate it. Sometimes seeing tens of thousands of rabbits is mentally overwhelming. Even when trying to purchase sale rabbits, deciding between so many can make your mind go numb. By going out to get lunch, doing an attraction or something else, when you come back you feel so much clearer and get right back into the routine.
  • Sometimes the best sale rabbits are put up right after judging. Some breeders use the Convention results as a decision on whether a rabbit will be put up for sale or not before they leave. And some breeders flying home would like to take as short an amount as possible, so they will sell some cheap. I've even seen breeders GIVE rabbits away right before they depart, or make trades for babies during the upcoming Nationals, etc.
  • If possible, bring your own feed from home. If you're flying, put it in your bag. Your rabbits will be more readily willing to eat the same feed from the same mill they have been receiving at home. If you're driving, bring water from home. Trust me, pretty much all rabbits will lose condition on the trip to Convention. You will want them to be eating/drinking as easily as possible to bring it back. Bring oats or treats that will make their food more appetizing if need be. Also, Convention will most likely have the food you are feeding available at the show room to use, but they can run out within a few days.
  • When cleaning cages.. try to do it at least once a day. If you let urine soak the shavings it not only makes your rabbit miserable in its' cage, but it makes the noses on all of US miserable. And like feed, the shavings will run out pretty fast each day. Try to stay on top of it. I use a small handle broom and dust pan. You can get them at Dollar Tree or even Target/Walmart for $1.50 or less.
  • If you know your rabbit is going to try to pee/spray every direction constantly, please use cardboard/plastic to section off your rabbit. Nobody wants to spend their time cleaning urine stains off a rabbit they had been keeping in perfect coat condition.
  • Go to your breed club meetings, banquets, and events. Support your club! Also, even more so, go to all the ARBA events that are being put on. For example, this Convention we have Rabbitcon (educational seminars for 2 days), the Rabbit Fever movie premiere, and more. You will regret it if you don't.

Just a few tips and tricks to throw out there. If I think of more before the big week I will post them. Always so much to learn and discover at Convention!