Monday, September 14, 2009

Kagee and it's significance

Why the rabbitry name change?

Starlite Rabbitry was a name I held for at least 3-4 years. Maybe more! It's registered with ARBA, and became a name I was recognized by. Some people even just called me "Starlite"! I love stars, and that's why I originally chose the name. The problem is that there are SO many variations of Starlite out there. Starlight, Star Lite, Shooting Star, etc. I had several young and/or new breeders e-mailing me demanding I change my rabbitry name because "they had it first". Is it right for someone like me who has had the name for 4 years, show Nationally, and breed multiple litters a month to change my name for someone who doesn't even show in ARBA but maybe once or twice a year, and only has bred 2 or so litters? Who is in the right? In what way does it matter? I felt that I was also being confused with other Starlite variation people. Fanciers were getting me confused with other people. On a forum I'm on I even have two people with name variations of mine just in that little space on the web!

Besides all the confusion, I have been showing/raising dogs under the kennel name Kagee for well over 10 years. The word Kagee has even been part of my e-mail address for over 11 or 12 years!! When I first got my surprise black lab puppy (my first dog, my Aunt was the breeder), until I got her they called her "KG" meaning "Katie Girl'. It was a way to give her a name without me guessing she was meant for me. Once I received her it all made sense and I started associating myself with the word Kagee so much. I felt like with a new change in my rabbits/rabbitry, and the fact I already use it with my dogs, that it would be a good rabbitry name too. Besides, it's clever, one word, short, and unique... and nobody else will have something similar!


  1. I LOVE IT! :) Very happy for you.

  2. You are very versatile and flexible. What we learn in life is to bend gracefully without breaking anything. I wouldn't wanna hold on to that name if there are so many fighting over it. Now Kagee is a fine name in my books! And I don't think anyone could come up with that and claim as their own...

  3. Awwwww thank you guys!! I am really happy to be able to use Kagee with the bunnies. It makes me feel so much more at home. :)