Friday, September 25, 2009

The Hobby

I get so much joy and passion from raising my bunnies. They provide me so much love and pride. I have so many fond memories from my life going out into the barn to check on brand new litters, grabbing my BOB winning bunny out from the coop on the show table with a smile, smelling the large Convention halls full of thousands of rabbits...and more. These are the things that make this hobby so worth while to me. I have made my best friends through all of this. I have made friendships across the country, and visited so many odd and wonderful places because of rabbits. I am so so so thankful for everything the rabbit show hobby has done for me over these years.

There are others who feel the need to be negative in the hobby. No let me rephrase that, be down right mean. Sometimes I don't understand why people get so uptight about things. These are rabbits, right? Is everyone so passionate and competitive that they feel the need to be angry, negative, aggressive, or hateful? Is that it? Is there really a reason to talk about others? I know people have angered me and I am guilty just like anyone of thinking things I shouldn't, but I have never made it a point go spread lies or hate about anyone. It's not my desire. I see far too many people do that and it's a shame they really want to waste their time doing it.

I guess, the hobby is full of good and bad points. Because the good overpower the bad I stick with it and stay strong and let everything negative swirl around me do just that- stay away.

Keep the faith, hug your bunnies, and fill those nestboxes with winners.

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