Tuesday, September 15, 2009

45 Days!

45 days until we leave for Convention.

Even through all the drama, 2 two month "break" from the rabbits, and all that was involved.. I am going to Convention. How could I miss Convention being SO close to home? Besides, after my first one last year in Louisville, KY I AM HOOKED! I am way excited to take the drive (8 hours) down to San Diego with some wonderful friends, enjoy the rabbit scene, the beach, maybe some amusement parks, and hopefully a great local Mexican food find!

I'm planning on taking at least one fuzzy lop. Probably only one.. but hey, we all know what can happen even if you only take one rabbit (cough, my BOSV fuzzy lop win last year, or cough, the BIS winning Belgian Hare last year an exhibitor sent with another exhibitor for her).

45 days, 6 1/2 weeks, whatever you want to lay it out like.. Convention is coming up quick!!

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