Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello Fall!

It's hard to believe it's Fall in the Northern California valley. We've had triple digits for close to two weeks now. Although it's going to slow down the re-start of my breedings I will be very thankful for the lower tempeartures (and so will the rabbits!). I'm crossing my fingers this is the last real week of a heat wave (expecting 80's by Monday, thankfully).

San Diego is going to be warm in of itself. Usually it's a maintained 80's in that area most of the year. I'm betting there will be a chance for a quick swim in the ocean while we're there. I'm going with my partner in crime Susie and her family. We'll be right at the beach in a cottage. I'm SO excited!! What a nice week long vacation.

Above I have pictured Lil'Bit Farms Tulsa. I am so thankful that I still have him as part of my herd post sell down. I really need to work on getting some babies out of him. Doesn't he have such a presence about him?

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  1. Tulsa is a sexy hunk right there! Look at that model pose! :P