Friday, September 11, 2009

Here we go...

With new times bring new changes. I have been involved in show rabbits (breeding off and on) for an upwards of 10+ years. Heartbreaks, amazing National wins, and success in the nest boxes are all part of the beloved hobby. Recently I sold about 90% of my herd. I have had a lot going on in my life, and felt it was time to nearly sell out. I sold most of my best, but I do have a couple of my best left in the barn. I currently have 10 Fuzzy Lops, down from over 50. During this 2 month stint of being practically out of the show scene I have done a lot of reflecting. I wanted to see where I am and what I felt was important to me. Once raising rabbits is in your blood, it's almost impossible to get rid of "the bug". I've made mistakes, like so many have before me. I've made successes, that those could only dream of. I've made some of the most important friends in my whole entire life.. in the rabbit hobby. They are what makes me who I am. I have finally figured out some of the reasons that "things went wrong" whether just raising rabbits themselves, or in how I was selecting/culling breeding stock.

Starlite was my rabbitry name. I bred quite a few litters, and you will see quite a few fuzzies out there with the Starlite prefix. I have been showing dogs for 10 years under the kennel name Kagee (pronounced kay-gee). This word means a lot to me and it's sort of the word I have associated myself with for what seems like forever! Shoot, I've had the word kagee in my e-mail address for over 11 years! I decided with new goals and aspirations, and new directions to go towards in my rabbitry that I needed a name change. A name change to show the changes in myself, and my herd. I think it will make for a great new beginning and help me keep a steady flow of recognition between the rabbits and the dogs.

I feel so much better. I'm back.

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