Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring is in the air.

With Spring in the air, the girls are finally in the mood to breed. We've been in the high 70's to mid- 80's the past week and a half. The weather is absolutely gorgeous. These mild temperatures combined with a big bright blue sky make staying indoors plain crazy! The new fuzzies from Michigan are starting to settle in nicely. They've been here a week and a day already but it feels as though it has been a month! Some of them are a little stressed due to the heat in California. It was in the 30's in Michigan when they left, and came right into a late Winter heatwave here. But it sure made the does want to breed!

Speaking of breeding, I have quite a few litters that are upcoming. Yesterday I bred AK's Allison, a pretty broken tort doe, to my new buck Towne's Johnny Cash. He is a gorgeous fawn boy who should be a good match for her. Fingers crossed for a live litter! Allison isn't the easiest doe to get bred, and her last litter didn't survive. I also bred one of my new does, and orange named Kismet's Pepper (a Cash daughter) to my tort buck Sky High Walker. They are similiar in type, so should work nice together. I also have a couple otter litters due! Yes, didn't you know? I'm working on a small color project- helping to develop otters in fuzzies. It's small scale for now, and I cull extremely hard. These are my first otter litters expected so I'm eager to see what I will get. There are some more does due, so hopefully the bunny breeding gods are smiling on me for the next few weeks!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Fuzzies galore.

Last night finaly decisions were made on the new shipment of fuzzies.

I ended up with some really nice additions to the herd, which will fill in some spots lacking in what I already have. And there are some interesting new colors in there! California will no longer just be tort! Just kidding.. but really.. these "rare" varieties should be fun. I got six total, and Susie got five.

Solid Fawn Senior Buck
Solid Tort Senior Buck
Solid Orange Senior Doe
Broken Tort Senior Doe
Solid Tort Junior Doe
Solid Chocolate Junior Doe

Broken Tort Senior Buck
Solid Tort Senior Doe
Broken Orange Junior Doe
Broken Black Junior Doe
Black Junior Doe

Everyone is finally settling in. Everyone is changing over to the new feed and new cages nicely. Hopefully we will be adding pictures and information on the new bunnies to the site soon!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

New shipment of fuzzies!

Last night was a dream in the making. I have so many good friends that raise Fuzzy Lops in different parts of the country, and we always admire each others stock, talk over e-mail or the phone, and send pictures back and forth. My good friend Lauren (of Kismet Rabbitry) had some super nice ones for sale and I couldn't miss out this time. I took the intiative, and with the help of so many other people we made the shipment from all the thousands of miles away in Michigan to California! We had two six hole carriers stacked on top of each other and had it shipped that way instead of the common form of sticking carriers in a dog crate. Robyn Fry (of Fry's Fuzzy Farm) made the tremendous effort to drive all the way to Chicago, IL to ship them off from that airport. She is an angel! (Robyn, we promise to send you a great batch of fuzzies or woolies sometime soon!)

I was so nervous, anxious, excited, and basically freaking out last night. I just wanted to see those wiggling noses and fluffy wool! My friend Susie (of Wooly World Rabbitry) went in on the shipment with me. It was such a last minute endeavor. We decided to do this, picked out who we wanted, and shipped them out within a week! We were expecting 11 fuzzy lops. I went to the airport (luckily it's only 10 minutes away from where I live) at 9:30pm. The plane was supposed to be in at 10:00pm and the rabbits were to be at cargo by 10:30pm. I had barely talked to the man at the counter and we already had a problem. Apparently cargo closes at 10:30pm and he said I had better hope they get in by 10:30pm or I would have a hard time getting them that night. I talked to a young kid at the counter to keep myself busy and occupied so I wouldn't get too anxious. Luckily, right at 10:15pm they arrived! All the workers in the whole unit went outside and oooed and awed over the bunnies. They've seen rabbits shipped before, but took it upon themselves to ask me a host of questions about why I show them, how many do I have at home, and do I realize there's that many in the shipment. LOL!

I packed the group in the car and off we went back home! Everyone was given water and hay, which they took to easily. Tonight Susie and I will get together and separate our own rabbits from the group, and decide on a couple of decisions on some does.

Stay tuned for photos to come soon!

I'm a blogger now!

Hi everyone! I decided to try something different, and keep everyone updated on my herd through a blog. Sometimes there just isn't much to put on the website since some things don't change that often. I hope to entertain everyone with new pictures, show results, upcoming litters/breedings, rabbitry happenings, and more! Of course we will continually update our website almost weekly, but this will be a place to share other photos or stories, etc.

Thanks to everyone for all of your continued support of our rabbits! Fuzzies rule!