Saturday, March 29, 2008

Show tomorrow.

This week is a very special week- Convention breedings can start. Oh yeaaaa! I started today off with cleaning a few nest boxes and a couple carriers for the show in the morning. Tiring! Then I did two Convention breedings. One was PFF's Tonka (Tort) x Hobbs' Oh No (Blue Tort). This is going to be an exciting breeding. Oh No is a VERY short and solid doe with excellent wool. Tonka is short, except he is long in the shoulder. His head is TREMENDOUS. I haven't been using him much lately because he is just my spoiled baby, but I really need to get some babies with his monstrous big head on them! The second breeding was THF Saynora Zayden (Tort) x THF Saynora Tort doe (Qwade daughter, Tort). He only got her once, but I'm still crossing my fingers.

I'm looking forward to the show tomorrow morning, but I wish I was a bit more prepared. Even though I cleaned a few carriers this morning I still have a TON to do in the morning. Here's to waking up at like 5am!

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