Sunday, March 23, 2008

Holland Lops!

Quite a few months ago I was fortunate to get a great start in a new breed. Their page is not setup all the way on our website yet, but I just had to share what we have. HOLLAND LOPS! Yes, that's right! Starlite Rabbitry is also home to Holland Lops. We have a very small herd of them at this point. I always told myself that when I decided to get into them I would only go to the very best. And I did just thank. I cannot thank Tracy and Jenna enough from THF Saynora for sending me my starting stock. All 6 of our current hollands are from them. I have a solid tort buck, broken tort buck, two solid tort does, a broken tort doe, and a broken blue tort doe. I have only done one breeding so far, with the intention of doing most of my breedings for Convention juniors. Might as well since the time is right! I am very excited with this endeavor and it should be a great challenge as we all know how competitive holland lops are on the table. Below is a picture of one of my boys, THF Saynora Yowza who always begs for loves through his cage door. Photo is Copyright THF Saynora:

I have lots of babies in the box right now. I am very excited for some of the crosses! I only have a couple more does due before I start my breedings in about 2 weeks for KY Convention Juniors. I can't believe it's that time already!

Yesterday one of my good friends Susie (Wooly World Rabbitry) stopped by for a visit. We spent the day going through my rabbitry and comparing rabbits. She brought a few of her own fuzzies from her barn for me to look at. We also did some breedings. I'm very happy for her and how far she has come in her program! Each generation seems to get better and better. She also helped convince me to keep a couple of my juniors from my older litter. One is a fawn jr buck and the other is an opal jr buck. They have both such awesome agouti coloring and the rufus is amazing! I was so hesitant and debated on just selling them all quick as pets but when she convinced me to take them out of their cage I was pleasantly suprised at how they are turning out! Sometimes all you need is another eye huh?

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