Sunday, April 6, 2008


Spring has definitely hit our barn. I know Susie (Wooly World Rabbitry) mentioned in her blog that there isn't much else to talk about but babies, and that's the way it is here too. We have had several litters born recently, including some otters! Fairy (blue) was bred to AK's Quiddich (blk otter) and produced a litter of 4 with one black, one blue, and two blue otters!! Hopefully one of them will be fuzzy. Fairy is a fuzzy, but Quiddich is a holland x fuzzy that ended up with normal hair.

We also had our first holland lop litter born! THF Saynora Zayden (tort) was bred to THF Saynora Cookie (broken blue tort). There were two babies. One was squished in the box, and the other was cold and half-alive in the back of the box. I warmed the little singleton up and it has been living at my side basically for the past 3-4 days of its life. Since its mother thought the whole litter was dead she wanted nothing to do with her nest box. So twice a day I take little baby to its mother, or any of my other willing nursing does and let it nurse off them. Unfortunately all my other litters are almost 2 weeks old, so the size difference is too great to foster "little one" off. I already feel so attached to this baby! It's my first holland baby, so it's special no matter what. :)

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