Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh those Convention breedings

The nestboxes are full right now here. It's such a wonderful feeling to go through each of them every morning and see how every new life has grown in just the past 24 hours since I last looked at them. This year is going to be a busy baby year here, as I have Convention breedings starting this weekend. I've been sitting for weeks comparing and contrasting who to breed to whom. I have some decisions dead set, yet others I am still unsure of. Who has the best shoulers to breed to the one with some weak shoulders? Ok this one has good ears, and this one's are a little funky.. but will they all end up thin and folded or short and thick and round? So many decisions! I am going to start my first round of breedings. After 5 weeks of the litter being born, I will probably start Round 2 for those that I need more babies out of. I'll foster to any other does if possible when having litters. Even though the amount of holes I'm taking to Kentucky on the plane are very very small, I would like to have a great batch of juniors to pick from.

Anyone who is interested in any for sale rabbits we will have will probably be disappointed to hear that shipping to KY will not be possible by airlines. The rabbit would have to go via ground transport by one of the many people who will be driving from CA to KY. It's sad, but this year space is limited. Next year, since the Convention will be in Southern California I will be able to easily drive there and bring as many rabbits as I want! Yipee!

Above you will see photos of some of our upcoming juniors. I believe both of these two are bucks, and are around 3 months old. Forgive the scruffy wool. They're still babies! If all turns out, I'll be keeping the fawn. What I love about these two is how clear the agouti coloring is. The mother of these guys is Hobbs'/Moore's Ado Annie. She is a very crisp clean fawn with an awesome shake and show coat. Father is Hobbs' Dayton, a solid blue buck that is so short and so solid. Both babies ended up with awesome coloring and rufus. They are doublebred on PSP's Taboo, a broken chestnut buck that took a great placing at Convention a few years back.

It's so nice to have some young life in the barn!

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