Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's been a while...

I'm guilty. It's been months since I took the time to write a blog. I promise I'm going to try to keep this updated regularly. Everyone keeps bugging me about it! :P

Good news here at Starlite. After almost 2 years with only one litter, we are now getting babies!! I have had several litters born in the last month and I am beyond excited. Seeing these new little lives born in the barn make for exciting moments. I feel like I am really starting to make progress.

Since my last postings I have done some work on reformatting how I want my herd to be, and grow from. I have moved out many of the random lines I started out with, and have settled on a few to be the backbone of my herd, which is mostly Hobbs' lines and several fuzzy holland lines. Leslie Hobbs has been such an inspiration to me. She has helped me so much with some direction and has taught me a lot about linebreeding, type, and using a pedigree and appearance to create something incredible. I first purchased from Leslie in August of last year (drove all the way up to WA to visit and see the rabbitry in person). I just received a second batch very recently. I have some incredible rabbits thanks to her. Above you can see Zola, a beautiful REW doe we purchased from Leslie. She has the sweetest temperament and the shortest thickest ears!

A super important announcement.. we *will* be at Louisville, Kentucky for the 2008 ARBA Convention this October!! I am beyond excited. It will be my first Convention and I can't wait to see all the rabbits, put some names to faces, and enjoy some wonderful times with friends. I purchased my plane ticket this past weekend so all is in order to go! Yipeeee!

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