Thursday, March 20, 2008

The babies are coming!

Man, changing my feed was the best thing I've ever done. After being "forced" into switching feeds I went from two litters in a 1 1/2 year period, to almost having 5 so far in the month of March alone.

This morning, Hobbs' Moxee (broken tort) produced a litter of 4. One was DOA, but the other three are fine. One is a broken, and the other two are solid. These are by Sky High Walker (Tort buck) which makes me SO excited. I haven't got babies out of him in so long. I bet these babies are going to be awesome. Moxee's father is the well known Hobbs' Indy. Starlite's Gucci (chestnut doe) had a litter yesterday morning. She was bred to my black otter wool carrying buck AK's Quiddich. Crazy enough, she had a REW! Yes, you see that right. Over here on the West Coast REW is almost considered a "rare" color in fuzzy lops. It's not very common at all. So that was exciting! She also had a solid and 2 tan colored babies. I love having so many babies right now. It makes me so happy!

Pictured above is a solid tort junior buck (Hobbs' Dayton x FH's Honalulu Honey)

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