Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ahh those summer months.

Not much has happened in the rabbitry lately. The hot summer months have started, unfortunately. The flies have been a pain in the neck for sure. I need to remind myself to go to the feed store and grab a couple fly ribbons.

We are moving the rabbits a mile down the road to a permanent location, my future house! I'm hoping to have everyone settled in their new home by next weekend.

I finally got a couple does bred. My waiting list grows while the bellies of my does wont! Too much demand and not enough supply lately.. though I'm sure murphy's law will strike and I will have a million babies and nobody interested in buying in a few months. I bred one of my best bucks, Sky High Walker (7 legs) to two of my does. I really love Walker and I need to get a bunch of babies out of him. His type is to die for and it's something I am seriously wanting in my barn. I bred him to Kismet's Pepper (orange) and Starlite's Gucci (chestnut). Pepper and Walker should be a nice match. Her crown is a little tight, and his is perfect, so I'm hoping for some better sets of ears. She has a nice body as well, so I am hoping for something nice. Gucci is a longer doe, definitely more of a brood type. Though her head is awesome for a doe (something she earned from her dad, PFF's Tonka). I'm hoping for a nice chestnut doe to hopefully replace Gucci. I'm trying to start a nice line of chestnuts as they are seriously lacking in this area.

I'll try to update more often!

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