Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oh my.

I couldn't just stop at 4 little tri colors to work on, could I?


My buddies Jenna and Tracy from THF Saynora heard I was back and the game and offered me a beautiful set of fuzzy hollands from probably my most favorite breeding program in the world. I could not pass it up. The day after Thanksgiving I found myself hanging out at the cargo center at the Sacramento airport, awaiting an arrival from Pennsylvania. Six beautiful new fuzzies have joined my herd and I am absolutely THRILLED with how they look! I ended up bringing home all juniors, tort buck, broken tort buck, orange buck, tort doe, and two broken tort does. They are looking just lovely and I can't wait to get them ready to hit the show tables. The THF Saynora breeding program is one of the best in the world in my opinion. Not many breeders have been able to achieve such consistency in a linebreeding program like Jenny and Tracy have. Their hollands can compete on any table anywhere and have a good chance of taking the show. I have always had loads of success with rabbits from them, and so I expect nothing less from this group. Below is a couple pictures (courtesy of Jenna) of some of the new guys. I will get my own updated pictures soon once this terrible weather stops (raining like, what, 4 days straight now?).

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