Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Business Disappointment

I've been dealing with an order from a well known rabbit cage maker for the last 3 weeks or so, and it's been an utter nightmare.

It first started off by the company not receiving my order, or at least claiming not to. That wasted a few days.

Then after they finally got my order and processed it, I called a week later to check on the order, since I hadn't heard anything. I was told it would ship a few days later, Monday or Tuesday. I called back on Wednesday, no answer. Called again and finally got ahold of someone. Who then told me my order would probably be processed and shipped the following Monday or Tuesday. Which I was told last week. Sigh.

So then I call again that next Wednesday, and no answer, again. So this time I leave a voicemail demanding to know where my order is and that it's been weeks and I have had not had much communication at all regarding my $500 order. So then I get an e-mail instead of a call back, telling me that my order shipped already.

Okay, that's great, except, I never got a quote on the shipping costs for heavy metal cages. And it was supposed to just be sent Fedex but they apparently send it on trasport from some random trucking company they hired to do it.

So I check my credit card statement and see I was charged an extra $160 over my quote/invoice. I'm assuming for shipping. And I was never given any number or contact information for this supposed semi truck delivering metal cage parts to my house. So I just wait until it comes.

Yesterday I get a note on my door that the company tried to deliver the cage stuff. So I called them back and arrange to have it delivered this morning at 7:30am. I'm thankful they left a note with their contact information, or I would have been plain out of luck.

Out of the approximate 8 or so phone calls placed to this company during my timespan, the phone was actually picked up 2 times.

I open up the pallet of supplies today and low and behold, there is no j clips, or j clip pliers to even put the darn thing together.


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