Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tri this on for size...

Well. I'm back. Sort of. Kind of.

I had to sell all my rabbits about 2 years ago.

Mark and I moved to a place where we could no longer have them. I was heartbroken, but so relieved at the same time.

I told myself I could do better. Next time. I would do things different. 

It's amazing how even after 2 years, coming back into the hobby I feel like I'm even more mature at my 27 years of age, and more knowledgable about genetics, colors, line-breeding, typing....   so here we are.

It happened rather fast. I actually was just scoping out the facebook pictures from convention, wishing I was there with all of my friends I missed so dearly.

Then the sale rabbit posts started popping up. Oh man, the gorgeous fuzzy photos that kept appearing on my feed. It was endless, and beautiful.

As Convention was drawing to a close, my friend Melanie from Lil'Bit Farm Hollands posted about some tri colored fuzzy lops she had and wanted to find homes for. Oh my. I have been friends with Melanie for quite a while and over the years have had numerous fuzzy hollands in my barn from her and have done quite well with them. They have awesome type, beautiful heads, and the pedigrees I love to linebreed on.

My friend Amber, who lives a few hours from my house, just happened to be driving back from the Kansas convention back to California. Hmmmm. Could I make this work somehow?

This past Friday night I met up with Amber in a random town in the southern valley that smelled quite a ton like cows... around 9pm at night. I scooped up my 4 beautiful tri colored fuzz babies and gave her a huge hug as I have missed her so much! After an almost 3 hour drive home, the babies were welcomed into my house. And thus Kagee Rabbitry was born again.

And PS.. here is one of my new babies. An Orange/Back Tri doe, Lil' Bit Farms Karma.

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