Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rain rain go away.

So after my rant in the previous post, I finally received my shipment of supplies. But, I was missing the j-clip pliers I bought, and all the j-clips that came with the cage parts. Luckily, customer service on the company improved and they paid to Fedex the items to me on a rush. And of course, as nature would have it, the day they arrived a huge multi-day rain storm came too! Mark and I had only about 45 minutes outside of putting stuff together before the rain hit, but at least we have all our PVC cut. Yes, I said PVC. That's because we're putting together something different! Instead of going for the expensive units of metal stackers (like we're talking pretty much $500 for a 6 hole stack nowadays), I decided to build shelving with PVC pipe, attach just the wire cages, and put trays underneath. Doing it this way should (or at least what I figured on paper) save me about 50% of the costs of cages. And the plus side is not only will I be saving a lot of cash, but for the cost ALL of my cages will be 24 x 24 instead of 24 x 18. Very good news! I cannot wait for them all to be built and together. I have lots of hanging toys I have purchased (expensive bird toys I found on clearance at a bargain overstock type of store) that are just waiting to be put inside. The bunnies are just going to LOVE them!

For anyone who's interested, I found the overall plans and measurements (I adjusted the math to fit the size of cages I have), on this blog:

Hopefully pictures of my new setup will come soon! My office furloughs us for a week and a half during Christmas time, so I have all next week off to work on it!!

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