Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oregon/Washington Road Trip

A few weeks ago, my ever so faithful traveling companion, Susie from Wooly World, and I, set off on a road trip to Oregon and Washington. This isn't an unfamiliar trip for us, as we did it about a year and a half ago in an effort to acquire some initial fuzzy lop stock from Leslie Hobbs (Hobbs Rabbitry). Once again we were off. Initially, I had planned to just drive up to Portland, OR to pick up some new additions (of the lion kind? hehehehe), but since we were only going to be a few hours away at that point, we decided to come up and visit Leslie.

The first day consisted of the long drive up from California. We left on Thursday, attempting to be on the road at around 9:00AM, but it ended up being about Noon before we were on the road. No bother, everything is a random adventure, right? We went through Northern California and quickly spotted Mt. Shasta once we were very far up. This mountain is probably my most favorite one I've ever seen so far. It is snow capped year round, but since it was the beginning of Spring there was still a LOT of snow left on the top. It was gorgeous! Onward towards Oregon. We found the border and drove drove drove... afternoon turned into evening and we took a quick trip to Dennys for a bite to eat before crashing for the night an hour or so from Portland. Woke up and hit the very cloudy Portland, taking a few pictures along the freeway before setting North for Washington.

Portland is practically on the border of Oregon/Washington, so it was a mere 20 minutes before we were technically in WA. A couple hours later and we were at Leslie's house. Of course, the first thing we had to do was race out into the bunny barn and check out the critters. She still have quite a fuzzy lops, and I had the chance to bring two home. Although unplanned of course! I have a very cute broken chestnut jr doe was some amazing density/length to her coat. I already have her future boyfriends picked out. I also took home a broken orange jr buck, that goes back to Lucky Lops lines. Very cute little guy who has some definite potential. Susie and I also co-own a buck we brought back to use/keep, Legolas. He is a gorgeous broken blue tort buck who has such a great "chunky look" to him, including a killer head. I really like how he is put together. He must just have that quality I am looking to add to the herd.

Before crashing at Leslie's house I took some time to play with "Captain", a super nice and semi-famous black Netherland buck. He has a couple huge Convention wins to his credit. He is an older guy but is in SUCH incredible condition. He is such a cutie, and lives the life in luxury as a house rabbit. I also thumbed through the new ANDRC Guidebook. OMG! It's the best guidebook I have ever seen. It's absolutely amazing. Brilliant work to those involved in making that eductaional masterpiece.

It was time to sleep.... Seattle was the destination for the morning!

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