Thursday, April 30, 2009

I need to show

Alright, I need to show some bunnies! I've been to a show weekend, yes, but I didn't show any of my own and I'm fiending for the chance. Unfortunately almost all the does I have are bred for 2009 Convention Juniors (San Diego, CA!). So pretty much, most of the does are out. I have three junior bucks, but their coats are currently stripped. And as for Senior Bucks, I have most of them regrowing stripped coats, or they just aren't competitive enough to beat what's currently being shown on the table.

Hmmm... I guess yes, the shows are out for a while! I will live vicariously through those who are showing!

Speaking of... GOOD LUCK to many of my close friends who will be showing at Ohio State Convention/JW Nationals/Lionhead Nationals this upcoming weekend. I will be thinking about you guys, and expecting lots of text messages with results as they come!

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