Friday, May 8, 2009

Close encounters of the LION kind.

You heard it here first. Lionheads. I've owned a buck (pictured below) named Haven's Dirtbike for quite a few months now, and I have been educating myself on the breed for a couple years (I've even been a member of the NALRC for a while, just to learn!). I finally took the plunge. The reason for me driving up to Oregon/Washington was to pick up part of my new herd of lionheads. Nita and Kaela of Legendary Farms have been a savior to me. They have been ever so kind in getting me hooked up with some awesome does. I really don't think I can say thanks to them enough. While up in Washington I took a very quick and last minute trip to visit Theresa Mueller of Pridelands Rabbitry. She has some famous wins in the breed, and a barn full of pretty little lions. I feel so fortunate to have been able to visit her barn and see her rabbits in person. Yes, I had to take some gifts home... including Pridelands Drama Queen (tort jr doe pictured above) and Pridelands Romney (black jr buck). I will be taking photos of all my little lions over time and will add them onto my new website once it is finished.

They are going to be a smaller project at this time, but I'm sure will quickly gain holes as time goes on and the barn expands.

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