Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not too far until breeding time again..

I've done a few breedings in the last few days, anticipating otter litters hopefully! Since these are just a COD color I don't mind if they aren't the perfect age for Convention or not.

Can you believe it's just about time to do Convention Junior breedings already? I'm so thankful Convention is in San Diego, California this year. Definitely driving distance! I'll be starting the big group of breedings in the next couple weeks. I've already jotted down a few crosses I'm planning on doing. Very exciting! Thank goodness the weather has been more "Spring-like" lately. The does are quite a bit more willing to breed. Though really, it has been raining the past few days!

I have some sale bunnies available. I made a list so far of about 6 fuzzy lops and 3 jersey woolies. I'll get those posted to my website soon!

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