Saturday, November 29, 2008

Road Trip to So Cal!

On a whim, Susie (Wooly World Rabbitry) and I decided to go for a long rabbit show road trip for the weekend. We were planning on going to the Fresno show on Sunday anyways, and why not make a few extra hours trip down to the Pomona show on Saturday too. Both of us had never been to a Southern California show, so it would be a new adventure! (not like we haven't had many of those or anything!)

The drive was surprisingly nice and easy. I picked Susie up in Stockton and we drove down to Modesto to grab a bite to eat. The mall was very tempting, but we had to get back on the road. I was trying to show her my favorite restaurant, BJ's Brewery, but it was an hour and a half wait for dinner. That would put us wayyy behind. So we settled on Wendy's instead. LOL. More driving... we ended up staying in Tulare for the night, so we were around 3 hours left of driving in the morning. The city was lit up and had lots of places to eat and stay. We loaded up on goodies for the weekend and hit the hay.

The morning driving to Pomona wasn't really that bad. With a friend in the car time seems to fly by. I would have taken some photos of the BEAUTIFUL sunset over the Grape Vine, but driving + taking pictures = nothing good. LOL. I know Susie got some good ones though. It was gorgeous! The colors were amazing. It wasn't really too cold when we got to the L.A. area, which was great. The show was located at the Expo center in the very large parking lot. There is a nice covered area used for other venues, which made a nice ventilated spot for a show. I guess some exhibitors told us things are done different usually, so we all enjoyed some different things this time around. No comment cards, for one! Honestly, I didn't find it to be a bother whatsoever. It made it more important to watch your bunnies be shown so you can keep track of placings. The club provided an entry sheet and we used that to write on. It was perfect!

Our awesome friend Amber (Wonder Woolies Rabbitry) drove down to do the same warrior driving weekend that we did. It was great seeing a familiar face at the show. We also got to meet Sarah (Sarah's Mini Lops). We have been friends online for a long while now, so it was great putting a face to a name. She is such a sweetheart! And she did great with her Mini Lops!

Susie and I did awesome at the show. I know she won BOS both shows with her woolies, which is great. Here are my results:

Show A- Judge Joey Schults

Hobbs Eoin (SSB)- 2/3
Lil'Bit Farms Harmony (SSD)- 1/4, BOV, BOB, HONORABLE MENTION IN SHOW!
Lil'Bit Farms Nova (SJB)- 1/6, BOSV
Starlite's Jamba (SJB)- 3/6
THF Saynora holland doe (BSD)- 1/?, BOSV

Show B- Judge Scott Williamson

Hobbs Eoin (SSB)- 1/3
Lil'Bit Farms Harmony (SSD)- 1/4, BOV, BOSB
Lil'Bit Farms Nova (SJB)- 1/4, BOSV
Starlite's Jamba (SJB)- 4/4
THF Saynora holland doe (BSD)- Missed the class

Susie and I switched BOB/BOS each show with my doe Harmony and her GORGEOUS broken orange buck Twin Elm's Independence Day. See photo above with Judge Joey Shults!

I took home 5 legs at this show. They were the first two for Nova. This was his first weekend out besides being entered at Convention with a moulty baby coat. What a great day.

I loved meeting new fuzzy friends in Southern California. Everyone was so nice and warm and welcoming. I really wish I would have got the chance to chat with Pam some more! She is a doll! I see great success with her and her BEW fuzzies she is working on.

Susie, Amber and kids, and I packed up and followed each other to find some dinner. After getting turned around in L.A. quite a few times, we settled on a feast at Dennys! Perfect. Afterwards we all headed back up North to prepare for Fresno the next day. We ended up driving up to Tulare and stayed in the same hotel. I wanted to get as close to Fresno as I could as I knew we would be dragging the next day. Zzzzzzz.....

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