Saturday, November 29, 2008


After about an hour drive the next morning, Sunday, we were at the Fresno show. Well, sorta. See, I'm REALLY good with directions. I pride myself on my sense of distance and directions. Well, this time mapquest failed me and I was definitely lost. I ended up on the other side of the freeway looking for the fairgrounds. I've been to this show before so after driving around 7-8 miles out of the way I knew something was wrong. The issue was the fog. Yes, the central valley gets lots of it, and it's thick! You didn't know which way was up, down, if you came from that way.... If there was no fog I probably would have noticed we were in the back 40 in the farm fields! And to make matters worse, some person had 2 large german shepherds in their yard chasing cars in the fog. I wasn't going fast, yet they brushed against my car. Scariest thing ever! Too bad some pet owners have to be so irresponsible. Not only was it deadly for the dogs, but for me and my friend in the car. Anywho, after that we stopped at a gas station and figured out where we were going and made it to the fairgrounds. Turns out we weren't the only ones mixed up because of the fog. We made it on time but many others didn't. Rather to be safe and late than not safe at all, I say!

Rachelle was there (Wroyal Wreign Lops) with her English Lops (see one of her gorgeous bucks in the photo above) and a few Fuzzies. She is so sweet! I'm so happy she got back into rabbits again and have a great friendship with her. She is so funny and makes shows so fun. She has made me love English Lops so very much. Enough that I think she has me convinced to take home a show quality baby once she has one! ::grin:: We got to see Michael (Silent Springs Rabbitry) which was great! Yay! I love his beautiful COLORED Mini Lops. Their fur was so plush and vibrant. He is such a kick to be around. Amy was also there (Amy's Bunny Barn) with her Jersey Woolies. She is such a nice girl and has some great woolies. We all had Taco Bell for lunch. Yummm! I wish I could have taken more photos, but the lighting in that building isn't that great. But as always, you can view more photos from shows (I only post a couple here on the blog) at my Photo Album section of my webpage.

The results were great today, but I'll post just my top two:

Show A- Judge Allen Mesick

Lil'Bit Farms Harmony (SSD)- 1/3, BOV, BOB! HONORABLE MENTION IN SHOW!
Lil'Bit Farms Nova (SJB)- 1/4, BOSV, BOSB

Show B- Judge Randy Shumaker

Lil'Bit Farms Harmony (SSD)- 1/3, BOSV, BOSB

Took 4 more legs home this show. Nova... wow! He is going to do great things as he keeps getting older. I was so happy for him to win BOB at the second show.. and an Honorable Mention during BIS judging? Holy cow! That is a great honor for a buck that just turned 5 months old. I posted a photo of Nova, below, hamming it up during the show.

After another very long day we were back on the road again. We stopped for some In N Out on the way home (and I'm sick of fast food at this point!). We dragged on to Stockton, where I met Susie's mom to drop her off. Another 45 more minutes and I finally made it home. The bunnies were happy to be in their own cages for the night and were demanding some hay before bed. Ok ok, they deserve it!

I'm sure there will be another adventure soon!

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