Sunday, November 30, 2008

How about some blue otter?

Add ImageThis is HBB's Abe. He turns 1 year old tomorrow and is a cobby typey blue otter fuzzy lop buck. Deb Levisay graciously saved him to deliver to me at Convention this past October. Boy am I thankful! He is a nice addition to my otter project. I can't wait to get some babies out of him. He is all settled at home now and I'm planning on some does for him. He did just start getting a loose coat so I have plucked the poor guy practically bald. He looks verrrry silly. Now it should come in nice and even once the new coat grows in. The first photo is recently after I acquired him, and the second is by Deb before I purchased him.

Remember, otter is not an accepted showable color in American Fuzzy Lops. Marilyn Kohler from Blue Hills Rabbitry is the current COD Holder for the Otter Fuzzy Lop (which includes black and blue otters). Otters failed their first presentation this past Convention (KY 2008) but are to be presented in California in 2009. We are very excited and are proud to support Marilyn and her efforts. I know there are many breeders excited for this new variety. To see more photos of otter fuzzies check out this post in the AFLRC Blog.

Are you working on otters now, or are you waiting for the variety to be accepted for showing? Shoot me an e-mail, as I'd love to hear from others working on otter.