Monday, October 12, 2009

Lack of pictures

Sorry for the lack of pictures in my blog posts. For those of you who always read my Starlite postings, I almost always had photos involved in every blurb. Unfortunately my digital camera hit the dust (some photos come out with big huge black lines through them). Not sure what is going on. Until I can fix it.. I'm going to buy another one (before Convention hopefully!). I have been borrowing cameras from my sister/mom, so maybe I'll have some photos up shortly in the mean while. When I go to National shows and Conventions I take a million photos that usually takes days to post everything on the blog. So you can all look forward to TONS of photos the beginning of next month. I'll make up for it! ;)

Speaking of which.. I leave for Convention in 19 days!! OMG, so soon! I entered only 3 rabbits in the show (Fuzzy lops: SSD, BSD, and Woolies: 1 Self Jr Buck). The fact it's so soon has only just hit me. Now the excitement can begin!

PS... I have a surprise coming tomorrow! Will post with details once it's here!

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