Monday, October 5, 2009

It's almost time!

Convention entries close in 5 days. YIKES!! I already know of 2 going for sure. A couple are tentative at this point. I need to make a mental note to enter by Thursday, just incase there are computer/system issues in the entry system. With entries at $12 a rabbit I'm not too overly concerned with entering a ton or anything. LOL

I'm so very excited that my dearest friend Kristen (aka Keep), from Keep's Rabbitry (and hubby Tim!) will be coming all the way to California for Convention. I have to give her props for being so spontaneous. She's like me and has to plan everything out wayyyy in advance LOL. They are still finalizing plans on hotel, plane tickets, shipping the bunnies, etc. but I can't wait to have the chance to hang with them!

Convention also offers me the chance to get a rabbit back that I sold way across the country a year ago. It's available now and was offered back to me first. Oh I am so excited to get that bunny back. I'll share once I get back from Convention. Hehe.

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