Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring is in the air.

With Spring in the air, the girls are finally in the mood to breed. We've been in the high 70's to mid- 80's the past week and a half. The weather is absolutely gorgeous. These mild temperatures combined with a big bright blue sky make staying indoors plain crazy! The new fuzzies from Michigan are starting to settle in nicely. They've been here a week and a day already but it feels as though it has been a month! Some of them are a little stressed due to the heat in California. It was in the 30's in Michigan when they left, and came right into a late Winter heatwave here. But it sure made the does want to breed!

Speaking of breeding, I have quite a few litters that are upcoming. Yesterday I bred AK's Allison, a pretty broken tort doe, to my new buck Towne's Johnny Cash. He is a gorgeous fawn boy who should be a good match for her. Fingers crossed for a live litter! Allison isn't the easiest doe to get bred, and her last litter didn't survive. I also bred one of my new does, and orange named Kismet's Pepper (a Cash daughter) to my tort buck Sky High Walker. They are similiar in type, so should work nice together. I also have a couple otter litters due! Yes, didn't you know? I'm working on a small color project- helping to develop otters in fuzzies. It's small scale for now, and I cull extremely hard. These are my first otter litters expected so I'm eager to see what I will get. There are some more does due, so hopefully the bunny breeding gods are smiling on me for the next few weeks!

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