Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brian Hartzell

The rabbit world lost an icon yesterday.

I decided to wait until today to post about this. I have been in such deep shock and mourning, I don't think I could have posted about it yesterday. Brian Hartzell passed away yesterday morning, and the rabbit world has almost come to a complete halt.

I've cried, I've been depressed, I've been in shock. I don't think the shows will ever feel the same. Brian's Fuzzy Lops were icons in the breed. Even in his Jersey Woolies. I could walk down the rows at Nationals and Convention and always pick out his rabbits. They were remarkable. You want to talk about a great breeder and judge... Brian was always at the top of the game.

I'll never forget how friendly he was when we first met at Nationals a few years ago. He let me go over all his winning rabbits, and shared his breeding secrets, and how he created his consistently #1 sweepstakes winning herd. And I loved how I would absolutely drool over his fuzzies, and he would joke "Nah, hey, you should see what I left at home!". He was always so proud of his rabbits, and he really truly loved his fuzzies.

I have, and will continue to pray for Brian and his family, and all the friends who knew and loved him.

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