Saturday, June 6, 2009

Baby Boom!

We are having a big baby boom here. Finally. I feel like finally something is making up for the lack of babies I've had the past two years. I have always had some sort of issue when breeding for Convention/Nationals juniors, and usually leaving me without any to show. I've been extra careful this breeding round, keeping almost all of the nestboxes in my room and taking babies out for feedings until they are close to a few weeks old. I have 4 boxes beneath my feet as we speak!

Right now I have 27 babies at last count, with most being fuzzy lops and quite a few lionhead babies in there too. Most of the fuzzy lops are tort and orange (yes, a bunch of oranges!), with some random colors in there too like blue tort, some brokens, and even a chocolate or lilac tort!! It's too young right now to tell which it will be, but it's definitely not a regular tort. Both parents must be chocolate carriers way way back. In lionheads I have mostly all sable points. I love the color so I definitely don't mind. And for lionheads- word has it we will be allowed to show all colors at Convention in November that have a COD on file, not just the presented varieties colors. Very cool.

I have 7 more litters expected during this month, and then the Convention breeding bonanza will be over. If anyone is interested in anything for Convention, be sure to let me know!

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