Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Little Puff Ball!

I am so very pleased to have "Puff Ball" in the barn. Officially dubbed THF Saynora Puff Ball. She is a tort junior doe I picked up from Jenna B. at Convention in Kentucky this past year. She was so awesome about holding her (and another couple) for me for quite some time until I was able to pick them up. Puff Ball started off by winning BOS her first time out (as a junior!) under Chris Zemny this past December. She even beat out a bunch of older awesome top winning rabbits. I was elated! She is so short and typey. She has that bone and face I adore. My goal is to have most of my fuzzies in the barn display the type she has.
In other news, I have a few does bred. After the feed issue I ended up with only 1 viable surviving baby. The adults are back to full condition and health, so I decided it was time to start working on the next generation again. The first to come due would be two Jersey Wooly does! There is Cedar Ridge's Blue Rain (blue) and WWR Pearl (black), both bred to my striking siamese sable buck Lone Oak's Ricky. He is gorgeous and placed well at Convention (I believe 8th or 7th Shaded Sr Buck in Youth). I think this will make for some nice combinations. I palped both this morning and both seem to be pregnant! Yipee!