Friday, December 19, 2008


Thank goodness it's Friday! I have lots of cleaning to do around the house this weekend.. including stacker tray dumping! Oh joy! I only have 2 more Christmas presents to buy.. which isn't too bad. Last year I waited until the last minute.

With the economy in a funk, there are lots of changes happening in our world. It's hard to imagine how everyone is affected until it hits home. My office is going to be closing from Dec. 24th- Jan 4th. Close to 2 weeks of being off of work. We had the choice of using up our vacation time or taking it unpaid. Because I attend Convention & different Nationals during the year I NEED the Vacation hours. So I took the time off unpaid. Thankfully it will be taken out in increments over months and months next year. That will help me not feel like it's so much at once.

Ok, enough venting about my financial situation. I have lots of babies in the rabbitry. Harmony's babies are doing fabulous by the way. She had 2, one honey colored tort and one dark tort. She's actually fostering a baby that's quite younger than her other two. It's out of a first time doe being bred. It's either chestnut or black otter, not sure at this point since it's only a few days old. All I know is that I'm ECSTATIC it is alive! I saved that poor baby from being absolutely freezing cold. It was barely moving when I found it in the box that morning. I took it in by the fire and slowly warmed it up. I didn't have any litter close to that age to foster it to, so before I left for work I stuck it in with Harmony's two hoping it would at least stay warm for the duration of the day. It was alive when I came home.. a miracle! It was so comfy and warm with it's new huge siblings, so it got to stay. Harmony is an excellent milk producer so the baby is always very full and warm. I'm so happy :)

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