Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Red Bluff Winners

We had several nice placings in the classes, but I'll post my top two wins. Congrats to all of the Fuzzy Lop winners!

My new little girl who is going to be a showstopper
THF Saynora Puff Ball, 1/2, BOV, BOSB Show A on Saturday!
(and that was a win while she is molting badly! Judge, Chris Zemny, said she is beautiful and if she was in coat she would have been BOB easily. How's that for a JUNIOR? ::grin::)
Top two photos taken by Susie C. for me at the show. Thanks Susie!

PFF's Tonka, 1/7, BOSV, BOSB Show B on Sunday!
(this was a great win for my boy Tonka, who doesn't get to see the show tables too much because he's busy being a spoiled boy at home!)