Saturday, September 13, 2008


Starlite's Blackjack is one of my up and coming Juniors. He turns Senior today, which is a bummer because I was hoping to enter him in the upcoming Stockton show next weekend. Grrrr! Oh well, maybe I will bring him along to get opinons on. He obviously has mucho maturing to do, but I see so many qualities I like already. He has such thick, short, and great shaped ears. And look at the crown! Perfect position. The bone on his front legs is phenomenal. it is so thick. His body is nice and short and solid as a rock. He has to lose some more of that junior coat so it looks completely black, but we're working on that. He should have a huge head as he finishes up his head moult.. and ages. He is combining two Hobbs lined rabbits I have, Hobbs Dayton (blue) x KAR's Carlie (tort).

Here he is as a cute little baby...

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