Saturday, August 23, 2008

Viper & Tulsa

The Summer is feeling practically over. I can say that I am very happy for the bunnies as I know they will appreciate the milder temperatures... but I have hardly got a chance to enjoy the hot weather myself. I think I've only been swimming twice! Ah well, I love the Fall.

The Violet baby I mentioned in my previous post is around 8 weeks old now. He is named Starlite's Viper. See pic above! He has been growing beautifully. I bet he is going to have a very nice dense coat like Violet does. His sire, Hobbs Oh Da Man, is going through his first major moult right now but is looking like he is going to come nicely out of it and look like a whole new bunny!
Lil'Bit Farm's Tulsa was feeling photogenic today so I have lots of photos to share of him:


  1. cuuuute fuzzies :D

    but only going swimming twice is insane.... youre missing out!

  2. OMG I just saw these pictures of Tulsa.

    *passes out from cute*

    He needs a date with my Meena... ROFL!