Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's hard.

It's hard to take a break from showing for a while and keep things going without having a sense of depression about it all. Things have been going well, showing just hasn't been a prime concern for me in about a year. It's sad since I didn't go to Convention this year. First time since I started attending them. I'm hoping by Spring of next year I will be ready to rock and roll and be done with the break. The bunnies are all doing well... starting to get things ready for AFL and JW Nationals in April of next year, both being held in Reno, NV at the Grand Sierra Resort. I was just there for a dog show only but a couple months ago, and the facility is GREAT. Reno is only a couple hours for us, so we're really excited about the easy drive to a National show. :)

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