Thursday, March 5, 2009

Not much going on

There hasn't been too much to update about lately. Fuzzy National entries are due in a couple weeks, and unfortunately I wont really have much to show. I'll be going since it is SO close, and for all of the education and enjoyment of the show! Besides, I've never ever been to Utah- let alone Salt Lake City!

I have three litters on the ground. A wooly doe had two... my first live wooly babies! Both are black. One already will be going to a pet home for sure because it has a few white hairs underneath one of it's armpits. The other we will just have to see how it turns out. They are only about 3 weeks old right now. The other litter Gucci's. She is my chestnut fuzzy doe sired by my buck Tonka. Gucci was bred to my black THF Saynora fuzzy buck, and I ended up with a chestnut, a tort, and what looks to be like a seal! So maybe my black buck really isn't black after all? Or maybe he carries shaded? I know Gucci has a siamese sable, and REW in her pedigree. Also, out of Harmony's litter I only have one survivor. It is tort, of course, and was fostered to Gucci's litter early on. I'm hoping it continues to live and grow strong! Oh the joys of raising bunnies!

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